About Us


Kakehashi LLC (Limited Liability Company) はカリフォルニアとハノイに拠点を置くグローバル企業です。私達の目標は日本語・日本文化の面白さを世界へ広め、日本と諸外国との架け橋になることです。

Kakehashi is a Global Company based out of USA and Vietnam devoted to developing cultural and linguistic understanding between Japan and the world. Our aim is to become a bridge between Japan and other countries by providing Japanese language education and spreading knowledge about Japan throughout the world.

Learn Japanese from Professional Japanese Teachers Online using Skype. Custom lessons available!

JLPT Prep, Japanese Conversation, Business Japanese, Reading/Writing, and much more!

Visit our site: http://kakehashijapan.com/

Kakehashi LLC has partnered with Education Services Australia (ESA) to provide Japanese Language Learning opportunities for youth across Australia using the Language Learning Space (LLS). Funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, the LLS is part of a broader commitment to language learning. All services in the LLS are available at no cost to Australian educators and students.

Currently, the LLS is running Chinese, Indonesian, and Japanese Language Services. Starting in February of 2015, we launched the Japanese Tutoring Service now available in the LLS. The link below contains more information about the LLS.


We are providing our online Japanese education services for Vietnamese students and workers. We also can provide Vietnamese teachers who can speak Japanese.

We are introducing Vietnamese students for Japanese school in Japan.

Study abroad in Japan

If you are interested in finding out more about our services or if you would like to do business with us, please contact us here.